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Non-fiction films for brands, corporate clients, charities & artists. Ethnographic research & independent documentaries.



Leotti Ceramics (2021)
Thomas Cottin (2022)
Art & Botanics (2022)
Welding Farm Tools (2022)
200 Tons (2021)
Seabound (2023)
Ferve (2017)
Raw Food Retreat (2021)
Melodies (2022)
Personal development and health (2019)
Monitoring Diabetes - Mateus (2019)
Barnaby Reynolds (2023)
Adebayo Jones (2023)
Martin Tomsky (2023)
Monitoring Diabetes - Marina (2019)
Annalisa Mandia (2023)
Teranga (2018)
We are together (2016)
São Paulo Street Art (2016)
London Cartonera Book Festival (2019)
Sushi BE (2022)
Baião de Dois (2018)
She's an MMA Fighter (2017)
Lee Perry (2017)
Océane's Baskets (2021)
The Simple Act of Cooking (2019)
Pierre and the Bees (2023)
Jag Fleurs (2021)
Catching a Capitaine (2020)
Who's doing the Talking? (2023)
Off-grid in Aquitaine (2019)
Imperfect Fruit (2017)


Julia May is a versatile and skilled professional with over a decade of experience in the film industry. Her portfolio includes work for television, feature films, advertising, music, corporate films, documentary and ethnography. Fluent in Portuguese, French, and Spanish, her global perspective and cultural sensitivity enrich her work, shaping her outlook on filmmaking. Specialising in documentary and non-fiction shooting, she is dedicated to outdoing her clients expectations, honing her craft and exploring new creative avenues.

Julia is currently based in London and can travel abroad.