I am a socially-minded filmaker who is passionate about supporting marginalised groups in telling their own stories through documentary. I began my career in São Paulo, Brazil, working as a camera assistant on numerous productions including feature films, documentaries, TV series (for major channels such as SBT, GNT, HBO, MTV and Globo) and advertising (Lexus, Ford, Nike, Itau, Avon and Skol). In 2015, I was lucky enough to work on the documentary Cine Marrocos (Ricardo Calil, 2018) which won the Golden Dove at DOK Leipzig 2018, and this opened my eyes to documentary filmmaking. The film tells the story of homeless people, refugees and immigrants who occupied the building of an old cinema in central São Paulo. On set I was able to put my language skills to good use, helping with consecutive translations for interviews in French and English. This brought me closer to a personal quality of making other people feel welcome, catered for and at ease, despite the fact that they might have a difficult or traumatic background. The experience came back to me working with Phyllida Lloyd (Mama Mia, The Iron Lady) as a camera operator at the end of 2019 when we spent time going up to a women's prison in Yorkshire, England - HMS Prison New Hall. The situation called for a very delicate and centred posture at all times as the women had a number of emotional and psychological issues, which were further uncovered throughout the course of the theatre workshops we were filming. I had a C200 on a cine saddle, which allowed me to hold the rather large camera with a less invasive stance and, after a while, the women got used to the camera and I was able to move freely. 

I currently live between France, the UK and Brazil, which provides for a rich mix of viewpoints, experiences and cultures.

Just how I like it.